Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pucker Up! How to get soft & smooth lips

I've been plagued with dry, chapped lips for as long as I can remember. On bad days, the skin would crack open and I would bleed. It was nothing short of painful. And that would mean no chili for the day (sad).

For all those of you with similar pains, here are 5 tried and tested ways to ensure you have smooth, healthy lips.

1. Lip Balm
Invest in a good, moisturising lip gloss. Put on lip balm to keep lips nourished, especially if you're experiencing dry weather and in an air conditioned room. Replace lip stick with your favourite tinted lip gloss or lip balm.
At night, when no one is looking, slather on the lip balm and you will wake up with smooth lips ready for the day.

2. Exfoliate
The easiest way is to take a towel and wet a small part of it with warm water. Gently rub it against your lips after a shower. You will instantly get smoother lips, at no cost or trouble at all!

4. Breathe right
Avoid breathing with your mouth. the cold air will make your lips dry. Likewise, in a cold windy climate, cover up with a scarf!

3. Drink Water
This is probably the best tip. Sufficient water keeps you hydrated and yours lips soft, healthy and does wonders for your body. Drink water very frequently in small amounts if large amounts of water puts you off.

5. Eat right
It has been said that a lack of essential vitamins may lead to chapped lips. Eat different kinds of fruits such as oranges, grapefruits which are high in vitamin C. Don't forget your leafy greens too! You can also try eating nuts, such as walnuts which are rich in vitamin E.

Any other ways to keep lips smooth and soft? Share them!

Missy Lois

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