Sunday, 2 September 2012

Get up! Get fit! : Amore Fitness Review

Sooo, whilst bumming around, waiting to enter university (still waiting), I decided to join a fitness club. I figured it was time for me to get fit and fab and the only time when I'd be free enough to make a gym membership worthwhile.

So I went around researching, visiting the different gyms in Singapore and finally decided on Amore Fitness.

Credits: Amore Fitness

Why? The biggest reason was the location of the gyms. I knew I would not travel just for a workout so it was important that I chose one nearest to me. They had one in Heartland Mall shopping centre, which is a mere 5 minutes walk away from where I live. Lucky me!

Also, Amore is an all ladies fitness club, except for 2 branches for males as well, so no worries about looking cute when you break a sweat girls!

Another of my favourite part of Amore would be the overall atmosphere of the club. Shower facilities are of excellent standard with towels provided and unlike other gyms, does not give off a crowded marketplace feel. I have not been to the branch at Tampines One but there is a heated infinity pool there which sounds simply heavenly. Going to the gym is now a relaxing, stress-relieving experience.

I decided on a 6 month membership. The sales assistant I had was not pushy at all which made me so happy because hard selling is a major put off for me.

For those of you who are new to fit was clubs, most clubs have a physical gym with workout machinery and offer classes as well from yoga to dance. Most ladies would be more interested in such classes rather than the weights available. I particularly enjoy the classes, with experienced and encouraging instructors.

I have been dancing for awhile so flexibility, strength and fitness wise I'm pretty good so the classes were not too difficult yet challenging enough. For a beginner to exercise, some classes may prove to be an uphill task. They do offer beginner classes for some types of class but not often and limited to location and timings. Hence, for a newbie to exercise, classes may be daunting. Everyone has a first, take it slow and steady, commit and it won't be long before you get there.

Here a summary of the review:


  • Conveniently located
  • All ladies, comfortable
  • Relaxing, quiet ambience
  • Excellent facilities
  • Encouraging instructors


  • Certain classes may be too challenging for beginners
  • Limited class specially for beginners

Tips on getting a gym membership
  • Research! Don't be afraid of pushy sales and personally go down to visit the gym 
  • Commit
  • Choose a gym which is located conveniently. If you think you will commute from work, choose one near work. From home? Opt for on near your house. You will not want to travel far frequently for exercise!
  • Get a workout buddy! Exercising with friends can motivate you and is always more fun
  • Read terms and conditions carefully

Getting a gym membership is a huge commitment. It is not cheap and regular trips down are required to make the membership worthwhile. I make a point to go down for a workout at least 5 times a week to make my money's worth.

I encountered a lack of substantial fitness club reviews, so making my decision wasn't an easy one. I hope this review was comprehensive enough to help you by! If you have any more questions, leave a comment!

What do you think of fitness clubs? Any good or bad experiences? Share them!

Missy Lois


  1. Hey, can i just ask how much are you paying currently for amore?

  2. I've recently joined Amore in Heartland Mall and I find it very frustrating that all the "good" classes - good classes are one which have a call icon on them - get booked very early and by early I mean within hours of the schedule coming out and the non call icon classes are not good at all. so basically every day is a race to book one week in advance for the "good" class. very disappointing.