Monday, 1 October 2012

Potion for pretty heels! Pedi Med Foot Care Cream

Cracked heels not only do not look nice, they can be painful as well. It can have many causes such as frequent contact with detergent or floor cleaners to diabetes. Mine came about because of how frequently I dance which causes lots of friction and abrasions.

Most often however, our feet are the most neglected parts of our body. Probably because, they're not what everyone looks at most of the time (like our faces). So if you have really cracked and chapped heels like me and most of my family, unfortunately. I absolutely recommend trying out Pedi Med's Foot Care Cream.

Pedi Med Foot Care Cream is developed to treat dry and irritated skin by acting as a moisturizing barrier. It prevents roughness and skin dryness from developing which is commonly associated with diabetes.

Squeeze out a small amount depending on how much you want to apply, although a thin layer worked just fine for me, and apply it all over the heels and other dry or cracked parts of the feet.

Leave it out to dry for a few minutes and the cream will become just a thin layer which may feel just slightly oily. I usually apply this before I go to bed so I wouldn't have to walk around and leave cream all over the floor or in my shoes. Apply twice daily on clean feet. Three times is alright, depending on how dry the skin is.

I got this from my sister who was using it at that time, and here's the result of applying just once every night for 5 days:

When it comes down to treating cracked heel, no one does it better than Pedi Med. You can get it at $13.90 from pharmacies and some drugstores. It's fast, easy to use and affordable which makes it such a grey product. The product will last you a long time since just a small amount is needed for each application. Definitely a keeper!

What do you think of Pedi Med Foot Care Cream? Share your thoughts with us!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Smooch-worthy lips the organic way! Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Want some lucious lips?

If you've read my post on how to get soft lips, you would know that I have really dry and chapped lips.

Here's another problem, my lips were perpetually in a sickly colour. They were dull and pale and all my friends either thought I was sick or really tired. So I turned to tinted lip balms. I figured they would be able to give me the moisture and nutrients a lip stick wouldn't have as much, and yet deliver the same colour as one.

I decided go organic for my lip balms as the thought of swallowing all those chemicals 24/7 weren't exactly appealing. So I headed to Sephora to try out the Burt's Bees range of lip balm after seeing them all around. I chose their Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom because it wasn't too glossy or shiny or too matt. Just about nice.

Simple and clean packaging does it:

The bullet may seem really red, but the application is light so multiple applications is fine and your lips will be more moisturised.

Here's how it looks like on my lips after three or four applications:

This lip balm has really given me much smoother and healthy looking lips, they're actually of a pinker shade now! It is not expensive and will not cost more than any other lip balm you will find in Sephora, it cost me about 15 dollars if I remember correctly. The only downside would be how easily the colour fades, So I usually have to reapply multiple times in a day especially after meals. Other than that, this is easily my favourite tinted lip balm. Burt's Bees all the way!

What do you think of Burt's Bees? Any other favourite lip balms? Share your experiences with us! 


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fight blemishes! Clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel

You want perfectly clear skin. So do I. But face it, no one has perfect clear skin, unless you're good at photoshop or you're a baby. Even If you can't get exactly that, you can get close. And the little bottle of wonder is going to help you clear your skin of nasty spots and blemishes.

The Queen of blemish treatment 

I have been using the product for years. I'm not that old, and it has helped me tremendously through my growing teenage years when my skin was as its worst.

The Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel is helps reduce blemishes and promote healing. It also soothes irritation, redness. This product contains Salicylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, hence it may be a little drying and to be used only on problems areas and not your entire face! Also, some may feel a slight stingy effect when applied, I have it sometimes too but it goes away as quickly as it comes. I assume it's the acid working, however, if you have sensitive skin, do check with your doctor or dermatologist first. I'm not sure if this was made for sensitive or irritable skin.

The best way I feel this should be used is when you feel a spot or a pimple coming out or when a whitehead seems to be getting bigger. Or after squeezing out said white/black head. Dab on a drop of the gel (enough to cover the problem spot), a thin film will cover the area and it will appear dry. This gel works really well to prevent (not sure about curing) full blown pimples or inflammation for me.

I also use this on other parts of my body such as the décolleté and my back when I feel angry bumps there. Once I've applied the gel, it usually never has a chance to erupt.

Clinique promises for it to be invisible under or over make up. And it delivers. Make up can sometimes clog pores ad cause breakouts, so I always apply this on the oilier parts of my skin or potential acne spots before doing my make up. After applying concealer and powder and the rest, you will not see the gel at all. Heck, even without make up, it's nearly invisible. So putting on make up has been a less guilty affair for me with a thin protective film.

It comes in a really small bottle of 15ml but trust me, one bottle can last for a long time. I use it very liberally twice or more a day and it lasts for a few months. For normal usage, it can probably last at least half a year.

I use this with the rest of Clinique's anti-blemish range and I'm seriously loving it. It doesn't come cheap (It sells at £13.50 for 15ml on the Clinique website) but this is worth every penny. I don't think I'll stop using this for a long time to come unless a natural, organic product of the same quality comes out.

What are your thoughts on the spot treatment gel? Does it work as well for you?


Thursday, 6 September 2012

The one beauty regime you cannot live without

Despite the whole plethora of beauty products available now, and the sheer amount of bottles of beauty products you have on your vanity table. Whether it's moisturizing, toning, overnight masks, there'll always be one kind of beauty regime we cannot make do without.

For me, it's the these 3 babies in the picture below (from left to right):

1. Clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel

2. Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam

3. Clinique anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion

For me it's always cleanse, tone, and dot the blemish gel onto my problem spots. I do this routine at least twice a day.

Oh and have I written about how amazing that small bottle of blemish gel is yet? No? Alright, stay tuned for a review of this little baby because it's one of my absolute favorites!

I usually skip the moisturizer, because I haven't found a good one yet that's suitable for my slight oily skin. Once in every few days, I'll throw in a moisturizing face mask though. Until then, my skin seems content with with this routine so I'll stick to it. If you have any good moisturizers to recommend do tell!

What's your must-do beauty routine? Any thoughts on mine? Share it! I'm really curious on this one. 


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Get up! Get fit! : Amore Fitness Review

Sooo, whilst bumming around, waiting to enter university (still waiting), I decided to join a fitness club. I figured it was time for me to get fit and fab and the only time when I'd be free enough to make a gym membership worthwhile.

So I went around researching, visiting the different gyms in Singapore and finally decided on Amore Fitness.

Credits: Amore Fitness

Why? The biggest reason was the location of the gyms. I knew I would not travel just for a workout so it was important that I chose one nearest to me. They had one in Heartland Mall shopping centre, which is a mere 5 minutes walk away from where I live. Lucky me!

Also, Amore is an all ladies fitness club, except for 2 branches for males as well, so no worries about looking cute when you break a sweat girls!

Another of my favourite part of Amore would be the overall atmosphere of the club. Shower facilities are of excellent standard with towels provided and unlike other gyms, does not give off a crowded marketplace feel. I have not been to the branch at Tampines One but there is a heated infinity pool there which sounds simply heavenly. Going to the gym is now a relaxing, stress-relieving experience.

I decided on a 6 month membership. The sales assistant I had was not pushy at all which made me so happy because hard selling is a major put off for me.

For those of you who are new to fit was clubs, most clubs have a physical gym with workout machinery and offer classes as well from yoga to dance. Most ladies would be more interested in such classes rather than the weights available. I particularly enjoy the classes, with experienced and encouraging instructors.

I have been dancing for awhile so flexibility, strength and fitness wise I'm pretty good so the classes were not too difficult yet challenging enough. For a beginner to exercise, some classes may prove to be an uphill task. They do offer beginner classes for some types of class but not often and limited to location and timings. Hence, for a newbie to exercise, classes may be daunting. Everyone has a first, take it slow and steady, commit and it won't be long before you get there.

Here a summary of the review:


  • Conveniently located
  • All ladies, comfortable
  • Relaxing, quiet ambience
  • Excellent facilities
  • Encouraging instructors


  • Certain classes may be too challenging for beginners
  • Limited class specially for beginners

Tips on getting a gym membership
  • Research! Don't be afraid of pushy sales and personally go down to visit the gym 
  • Commit
  • Choose a gym which is located conveniently. If you think you will commute from work, choose one near work. From home? Opt for on near your house. You will not want to travel far frequently for exercise!
  • Get a workout buddy! Exercising with friends can motivate you and is always more fun
  • Read terms and conditions carefully

Getting a gym membership is a huge commitment. It is not cheap and regular trips down are required to make the membership worthwhile. I make a point to go down for a workout at least 5 times a week to make my money's worth.

I encountered a lack of substantial fitness club reviews, so making my decision wasn't an easy one. I hope this review was comprehensive enough to help you by! If you have any more questions, leave a comment!

What do you think of fitness clubs? Any good or bad experiences? Share them!

Missy Lois

Marshmallow Wonder: Bioré Marshmallow Whip Face Wash

I admit, I was initially doubtful of this product. I mean really, how does marshmallow whip face wash sound remotely good. Although it does have a cute design (I have a weakness for pastel pink).

My mum bought it for me to try it out and boy was I glad she did. Living up to it's name, the foam came out even and almost looking fluffy in one pump.

Just one pump was enough for cleanse my whole face. So it can last for awhile despite being a rather small bottle. Just use it as a normal face cleanser.

The formula is supposed to contain ultra fine bubbles, smaller than your pores, which penetrate deep into pores to remove impurities. It is also enriched with collagen to give baby smooth skin (although I'm skeptical about the benefit of collagen in all these products).

The effects? It cleanses well without drying out my skin which is of utmost importance to me since I have slightly oily skin. It's gentle enough for me to use a few times a day, and yet cleanses well enough. It's suitable for normal to combination skin.

The part I like about it, is that it comes with a refillable pack! So you won't be throwing away plastic bottle after plastic bottle. The refillable pack is cheaper than buying a new bottle anyway. It's so easy to use and gentle on the face yet effective, I foresee myself using this for a long time to come.

What do you think of this face cleanser? Does it work for you? Let me know!

Missy Lois

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pucker Up! How to get soft & smooth lips

I've been plagued with dry, chapped lips for as long as I can remember. On bad days, the skin would crack open and I would bleed. It was nothing short of painful. And that would mean no chili for the day (sad).

For all those of you with similar pains, here are 5 tried and tested ways to ensure you have smooth, healthy lips.

1. Lip Balm
Invest in a good, moisturising lip gloss. Put on lip balm to keep lips nourished, especially if you're experiencing dry weather and in an air conditioned room. Replace lip stick with your favourite tinted lip gloss or lip balm.
At night, when no one is looking, slather on the lip balm and you will wake up with smooth lips ready for the day.

2. Exfoliate
The easiest way is to take a towel and wet a small part of it with warm water. Gently rub it against your lips after a shower. You will instantly get smoother lips, at no cost or trouble at all!

4. Breathe right
Avoid breathing with your mouth. the cold air will make your lips dry. Likewise, in a cold windy climate, cover up with a scarf!

3. Drink Water
This is probably the best tip. Sufficient water keeps you hydrated and yours lips soft, healthy and does wonders for your body. Drink water very frequently in small amounts if large amounts of water puts you off.

5. Eat right
It has been said that a lack of essential vitamins may lead to chapped lips. Eat different kinds of fruits such as oranges, grapefruits which are high in vitamin C. Don't forget your leafy greens too! You can also try eating nuts, such as walnuts which are rich in vitamin E.

Any other ways to keep lips smooth and soft? Share them!

Missy Lois

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pure colours of nature: Sante Naturkosmetic Kajal Eyeline No. 6

If there’s anything I’m particular about when it comes to make up, it’s eye make up.
Eyes are about the most vulnerable and exposed feature on your face. Whatever make up goes on your eyes will end up going in, at least a little. But over a long period of time, a little becomes a very significant amount.
The bottom line is, your eyes need to be protected.
It hasn’t been proven that the chemicals in make up causes cancer or other diseases but I very much prefer to be on the safe side (read: this is my own preference). And if it’s yours too, I have a natural eyeliner pencil which is an absolute favorite of mine.
Sante Naturkosmetik Kajal Eyeliner Pencil No.6
Made in Germany, Sante cosmetics (with the exception of nail polish) are certified natural cosmetics, gluten-free and has vegan products! Best of all for me, it’s not animal tested :)
This range of eyeliner pencils come in many colors such as deep black, and metallic blue. I chose deep brown because it’s more natural looking than black but still gives sharper, more defined eyes black would give.
Here’s how it looks on my skin:

I usually use just for tight lining my waterline, since I’m a huge fan of subtle make up, and not on the eyelids itself. The texture is smooth and creamy, and easy to come off onto skin.
After tight lining:
One drawback, is how easily it comes of the skin too. And because of that, I find that it does not last me through the day (maximum half day).
If you want smoky eyes, it gives a very good smudging effect and comes with a soft sponge for blending too:
And guess what.
It can double as an eyebrow pencil too! 2 for the price of one! So I can forgo an extra eyebrow pencil when going out :)
What do you think of Sante’s eyeliner? What’s your favorite eyeliner?
Missy Lois

D.I.Y: Banana Beer volumnising hair mask

Banana and what??
I get that.
I really do love organic and natural beauty products and am in the midst of trying to change all if not most of my beauty products to certified organic and natural ones. It’s a tough journey, but I will get there eventually, watch me!
So I went about searching for a good recipe for a DIY hair mask because I simply love having great hair. Nice, healthy hair is as important as having a clear skin to me.
I’m not blessed with thick voluminous hair so the first thing I went about looking for, was a volumnising hair mask. For all who aren’t aware of it yet, beer is, and has been used as a natural volumnising and shine product for quite a while and some celebrities swear on it!
Now time to get our hands dirty!
2 Ripe bananas
1 Tablespoon Honey (I used acacia honey cause it smells great)
1/2 cup of Flat beer
1. Mash the bananas till it forms a paste
2. Add the honey
3. Let the beer sit out for a while till it becomes flat, stir it or pour it into alternating cups to quicken the process.
4. Best to wear a hair mask to avoid mess
5. Let it sit for 1-2 hours
6. Wash off and shampoo as normal
Use a beer with a higher yeast content i.e. Dark beer
The end result was good for me, my hair definitely felt stronger and thicker which gave it more volume. Shine wasn’t much. However, the smell of beer and banana was stuck in my hair for a day. Not too pleasant.
Verdict? I would do it, not frequently perhaps, for the extra volume I get. The smell kind puts me off though. Imagine, walking around smelling like beer.
Still, it’s a completely natural way of adding that extra oomph to your hair! Think stronger, thicker hair. Don’t expect an Adele bouffant though.
What are your thoughts on it? Any favourite hair masks? Share them!
Missy Lois

Face therapy: Israel Origin Clay Mask

I confess. I am obsessed with face masks. Peel offs, overnights, mud masks whatever. I love how they’re so therapeutic, and how one mask can have so many goodness in it. It’s like a 3-in-1 thing.
Yet, despite my obsession, I haven’t really gotten down to trying clay masks for some reason. Until this little baby came my way~
Nature Republic Israel Origin Clay Mask in Pink Clay & Paprika
Nature republic is a brand from Korea and this clay mask contains clay from the Dead Sea in Israel which helps to purify the skin, tighten pores and absorb sebum. Sounds fantastic already, doesn’t it?
It comes in a pretty baby blue tub. Unfortunately the instructions and ingredients at the back are all in Korean, so it took me some research to find out how to use it correctly.
The clay is thick and smooth and spreads very well. Just cover your entire face after washing, and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes till it dries and hardens before washing off with warm water.
At the end of every application, my face is visible brighter and feels smoother. My pores do seem smaller than usual. However, it does give my skin a healthy, radiant glow which is why I will absolutely continue using this product.
If I can actually find it… It was a gift from a friend who went to Korea and I cannot find any Nature Republic stores in Singapore. Online perhaps?
I usually use it in the day when I am in need of a quick soothing therapeutic session and boy is it heavenly alright. The fragrance is light and relaxing which I love because heavily scented products turn me away.
Hits: Generous amount in tub and the mask gives my skin a healthy glow

Misses: None actually. Yay for Israel Origin Clay mask!

Anyone tried this before? What are some of your favourite clay masks? Leave a comment below and share!
Missy Lois

A tangled affair- John Masters Condtioner

I have a love-hate relationship with long hair. Sure, it makes me look good. At least better than I ever will in short hair. It’s long, nicely curled and a lovely shade of brown.
Thing is.
It’s tangled. It’s terribly, horrifically tangled. Everytime I run a comb through (even with a wide tooth comb), it never makes it past the halfway mark.
I’ve tried all sorts of conditioners but none gave me long lasting smooth tresses. Until, I found my elixir.
John Masters Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner
The first thing that attracted me was the naturalness of the product. All John Master’s products have to meet strict requirements, with ingredients that are 70-100% organic content.
Bonus: No animal testing!
Squeeze out an amount of about the size of half a teaspoon and apply it to wet, clean hair after shampooing. I usually leave it on for as long as I can up to 5 minutes and wash it off.
This is where the magic happens. My hair is tangle free, even after all the ruffling with a towel. After it dries, my hair feels soft, smooth and is shiny.
The natural lavender oil in this product gives it its lovely, relaxing fragrance, and my hair never smelled better after a shower. I was walking around with a hair mustache for a while, sniffing my hair like a glue addict.
The result? I’m set for a long time with this organic conditioner.
Read more about John Masters Organics at their website here!
Have any favourite conditioner? Leave a comment and tell me about it!
Missy Lois

China Glaze for The Hunger Games

If you haven’t watched the highly commended Hunger Games in the theatres, well, you should. I am no fan of the series, but the movie is a definite great watch. I was never bored, not even for a fraction of a second.
For fans of the series, exciting news!
China Glaze has collaborated with Lionsgate to roll out a new collection of nail lacquer- China Glaze “Colours from the Capitol” Collection
Even with talk about how the whole series is over-hyped, this collection deserves every bit the raving review it has gotten from fans and non-fans alike. With one colour for every district, we have, a stunning array of 12 different colours.
To take a look at the whole collection, just hop over to China Glaze’s website.
Out of the 12, I got myself 2 at a flea I happened to pass by. At $7 each, it was a steal! The usual retail price for China Glaze is around 15 bucks. Imagine the excitement I felt :)
District 9 (Grain) : Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon is a coppery brown, a real lovely autumn colour. I admit, I’m a fan of autumny colours. The warm brown makes it wearable and the tinge of metallic glitter glams up this shade.
This photo shows Harvest Moon with two coats applied (do kindly pardon the bad painting). Application is rather simple and the formula settles into a smooth coat once dry even though it may seem a little bumpy straight after application.
District 5 (Power): Electrify
Fitting it’s name to a tee, the glitter lacquer is every bit an eye-stopper. It’s loud, it’s furious and the combination of red and golden glitter is simply electrifying.
This was after 2 coats of glitter (on the ring finger). Coverage was surprisingly even and I didnt have to apply too many times to cover the entire nail.
I thought it was a bit too much if every one of my nails were in this shade so to tone down the brightness of the glitter, I painted the rest of my nails in Harvest Moon. And personally, I think the two together makes a gorgeous team.
See how the bright red and gold glitter brightens up the duller copper shade without being too overly loud? It reminds me so much of the dazzling red, yellow and brown of autumn leaves.
This is a simple yet fun way of wearing the Capitol Colours. The rest of the 10 colours are definitely on my wish list. Read it, watch it, now you can wear it! Give it a try and have fun!
What do you think of the collection? Leave a comment and tell me about it!
Missy Lois

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