Monday, 1 October 2012

Potion for pretty heels! Pedi Med Foot Care Cream

Cracked heels not only do not look nice, they can be painful as well. It can have many causes such as frequent contact with detergent or floor cleaners to diabetes. Mine came about because of how frequently I dance which causes lots of friction and abrasions.

Most often however, our feet are the most neglected parts of our body. Probably because, they're not what everyone looks at most of the time (like our faces). So if you have really cracked and chapped heels like me and most of my family, unfortunately. I absolutely recommend trying out Pedi Med's Foot Care Cream.

Pedi Med Foot Care Cream is developed to treat dry and irritated skin by acting as a moisturizing barrier. It prevents roughness and skin dryness from developing which is commonly associated with diabetes.

Squeeze out a small amount depending on how much you want to apply, although a thin layer worked just fine for me, and apply it all over the heels and other dry or cracked parts of the feet.

Leave it out to dry for a few minutes and the cream will become just a thin layer which may feel just slightly oily. I usually apply this before I go to bed so I wouldn't have to walk around and leave cream all over the floor or in my shoes. Apply twice daily on clean feet. Three times is alright, depending on how dry the skin is.

I got this from my sister who was using it at that time, and here's the result of applying just once every night for 5 days:

When it comes down to treating cracked heel, no one does it better than Pedi Med. You can get it at $13.90 from pharmacies and some drugstores. It's fast, easy to use and affordable which makes it such a grey product. The product will last you a long time since just a small amount is needed for each application. Definitely a keeper!

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  1. A good sign that things are starting to heal is when you are not having any itching or burning anymore. Then the rash will start to decrease and dry up. However, every individual is different in how they present so their healing will be different too.please visit: Skin Repair Products and Diabetic Foot Cream