Sunday, 26 August 2012

China Glaze for The Hunger Games

If you haven’t watched the highly commended Hunger Games in the theatres, well, you should. I am no fan of the series, but the movie is a definite great watch. I was never bored, not even for a fraction of a second.
For fans of the series, exciting news!
China Glaze has collaborated with Lionsgate to roll out a new collection of nail lacquer- China Glaze “Colours from the Capitol” Collection
Even with talk about how the whole series is over-hyped, this collection deserves every bit the raving review it has gotten from fans and non-fans alike. With one colour for every district, we have, a stunning array of 12 different colours.
To take a look at the whole collection, just hop over to China Glaze’s website.
Out of the 12, I got myself 2 at a flea I happened to pass by. At $7 each, it was a steal! The usual retail price for China Glaze is around 15 bucks. Imagine the excitement I felt :)
District 9 (Grain) : Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon is a coppery brown, a real lovely autumn colour. I admit, I’m a fan of autumny colours. The warm brown makes it wearable and the tinge of metallic glitter glams up this shade.
This photo shows Harvest Moon with two coats applied (do kindly pardon the bad painting). Application is rather simple and the formula settles into a smooth coat once dry even though it may seem a little bumpy straight after application.
District 5 (Power): Electrify
Fitting it’s name to a tee, the glitter lacquer is every bit an eye-stopper. It’s loud, it’s furious and the combination of red and golden glitter is simply electrifying.
This was after 2 coats of glitter (on the ring finger). Coverage was surprisingly even and I didnt have to apply too many times to cover the entire nail.
I thought it was a bit too much if every one of my nails were in this shade so to tone down the brightness of the glitter, I painted the rest of my nails in Harvest Moon. And personally, I think the two together makes a gorgeous team.
See how the bright red and gold glitter brightens up the duller copper shade without being too overly loud? It reminds me so much of the dazzling red, yellow and brown of autumn leaves.
This is a simple yet fun way of wearing the Capitol Colours. The rest of the 10 colours are definitely on my wish list. Read it, watch it, now you can wear it! Give it a try and have fun!
What do you think of the collection? Leave a comment and tell me about it!
Missy Lois

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